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Excessive body weight, obesity and life dissatisfaction are the most common cases of orlistat treatment. This remedy is promoted all over the world and performs fast and stable effect. The researches have shown that orlistat help to lose over 35% of the excessive weight with no sufficient efforts and severe diets.

It performs an amazing function when is dissolved in the body and makes it possible to enjoy the food you are used to and get slimmer day after day. Orlistat is designed in such a way to prevent the absorption of fats from the meals you daily consume. Thus the fats are just “flow through” your body not causing the fat stores. Orlistat is a safe drug performing minor to severe side effects. However in most cases they are regarded as treatment effects as without these effects slimming would not be possible.

To start your Orlistat treatment and slimming cycle you should get assured you are obese or have excessive weight you can not overcome on your own without any additional slimming boosters. You should find out your body mass index. You can do this when you buy orlistat online no prescription pills as many remedy sellers warn you on the fact that orlistat ill not perform a desired effect if you BMI is smaller than that indicating obesity. Orlistat will perform different effect in people with different weight. A person with severe obesity will get slimmer faster than a person with a moderate excessive weight BMI.

To start your treatment you should buy orlistat online no prescription and develop your own schedule of taking pills, exercising and dieting.

Why exercises and diets are still required when you are treated with Orlistat? This question bothers many users of slimming pills. However to realize the necessity of exercising and nutrition management you should understand how slimming pills work.

Any slimming remedy acts in two ways. First of all the remedy blocks the fats in the body consumed with meal and being the prime reason of excessive weight. The second way is to excrete the fats from your body. Some of the remedies just clean your stomach loosing your stool and thus performing a slimming effect. However, none of the pills help you maintain the weight level and shape your skin and muscles. To make your skin tight and shaped you need exercising. Besides any sporting activity promotes metabolism and thus fastens the slimming effect. In compliance with reduced calorie diet you will get an excellent effect. Orlistat will play a metabolism booster role from inside of your body meanwhile diet and sport with be outer factors promoting slimming.

You can buy orlistat online no prescription safely and take it with no risk to worsen the case and to harm your body. However the pills may perform some side effects you should be warned on and be ready to meet them. Minor side effects are abdominal pain, bowel movements, loose stool and other gastrointestinal presentations. However these are the effects to the remedy work in your body. If you notice severe skin reactions, high temperature and fever, bloody stool then you should immediately report the case to your nutritionist or seek for the emergency medical help. These severe side effects are commonly regarded to personal intolerance of the drug components and active ingredients. Severe side effects are rarely reported.

If you buy orlistat online no prescription and start the treatment you should be sure that you are not pregnant as orlistat will turn ineffective in pregnant patients gaining their weight due to the specific condition of the body. Though the pills have got the FDA pregnancy category B meaning that the remedy will not harm an unborn baby, you should not take the pills as you will not notice the slimming effect.

Some chronic diseases may contraindicate the orlistat intake. These are diabetes, hypoactive thyroid gland, liver diseases, a history of pancreatitis. Suffering from gastrointestinal disorders you should take any slimming pills under strict medical supervision.

Craving to shape your body there is the only chance to escape your obese state. You should buy orlistat online without prescription and start it right now to feel slimmer tomorrow. It is strongly recommended to start a slimming diary tracking your meals, physical workouts and orlistat intake to see your progress and be able to manage the dosage according the instructions provided with the pills. You should strictly keep to the dosage. You may feel an extreme desire to exceed the daily dosage and thus to promote the slimming effect of the remedy. However it will not happen. You will just stress your body with excessive dosage suffering from overdosing effects but won’t get a pound slimmer. In case of overdosing you will need to break the course until you body restores from the overdosing shock and the start the course again. The weight loss with orlistat will not be gained again if you do everything properly!